Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I had a bad experience at another furniture store. Why should I trust Carolina Factory Outlet to be any different?

A. Carolina Factory Outlet has been in business since 2003. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and we have an excellent customer service department. We are committed to our customers and to the neighborhoods that we serve. You will not find any high pressure sales tactics here. Our goal is simple: to make our customers happy by bringing them the best pricing in the Tampa Bay Area on top brand furniture. Try us and you will like your experience here.

Q. I am in need of furniture now but do not have the cash or credit to pay now. Do you offer any financing options?

A. We offer Special Financing for 6, 12 or 24 months with approved credit and it only takes a few minutes to fill out an application to see if you are approved.

Q. If I buy from Carolina Factory Outlet can I have my purchases delivered?

A. Yes. We deliver to the Tampa Bay area, from Citrus County in the North and to Sarasota County in the South. We offer white glove delivery with our economy delivery service which will deliver your furniture to you at a reduced rate on days that we are in your area.

Q. What if I need my furniture delivered today or a day you are not normally in my area?

A. We offer same day delivery or delivery by appointment for an additional $299.

Q. Can I just pick my order up from the store?

A. Yes. We offer customer pick-up from our warehouse, located at the rear of our Hudson store. Pick-up hours are from 10:30AM to 5:30PM, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If these times are not convenient please talk to us about other times when warehouse personnel may be available to assist you.

Q. If I want to pick up my furniture, is there someone there to help me load it in my vehicle?

A. Yes. Our warehouse staff will load your furniture in your vehicle. If your furniture needs to be tied down, you must do that yourself. We do offer rope for you to use. We do not have any blankets for customers to use when loading/transporting furniture. Please consider what you are buying and bring the needed cushioning material to prevent the furniture from damage during transport.

Q. I originally planned to pick-up my purchases but now I can’t. Can I still get my furniture delivered?

A. Of course. Just contact us and we will be glad to set up your delivery or if you are set up for delivery you can change it to pick-up at the Hudson store.

Q. My delivery is coming up and I have an unpaid balance on my order. Can I make a payment over the phone?

A. Unfortunately we cannot take credit card payments over the phone or other payments at the time of your delivery.  You may pay by cash, local check or credit in our showroom at least 24 hours prior to your delivery.

Q. I need service on a piece of furniture I bought from you. What do I do?

A. Just call our Customer Service department at 727-868-6500 (Pasco County).  They will take your information and forward it to our Service Department. A service tech will return your call within 3 business days and set up an appointment if the item was delivered to you and is still in warranty. Items that were picked up at the store will need to be returned to the store for service. If your item is out of warranty we will help in any way that we can and give you the available options for repair.

Q. I need service on furniture that I purchased someplace else. Can you help?

A. Unfortunately we only service the items that we have sold. Most furniture companies require proof that you are the original owner and that information is backed up by our records that we ordered it from the company and was sold by us to you.

Q. Do I have to assemble anything?

A. Most of the furniture we deliver is fully assembled and will be set up for you. Some furniture (including, but not limited to, lamps, occasional tables, sofa tables, entertainment consoles, some dining tables & chairs), however, may require some assembly on your part. Most items are marked RTA (ready to assemble) and usually have an assembly fee listed on the store tag. You should be given a choice at the time of sale if you want assembly or not. Items are always assembled at the warehouse before delivery so we do need to know ahead of the delivery day if this service is needed.

Q. Do I have to pay sales tax?

A. Yes, applicable sales tax will be added during checkout.

Q. Can I purchase directly over the internet?

A. Not at the current time. We are working on this as we write this.  We are planning to launch full e-commerce on our site as soon as possible.

What is the best mattress for me?

This is a valid question when mattress hunting - especially with all the mattress types we see now in the marketplace. With new age foams, cooling gels and even adjustable bases this can be a challenge to answer. Fear not! CFO is here to help guide you. Ultimately, it is a matter of comfort, but here is a general guide to get you started

What is the best mattress for a side sleeper?

Firm or plush mattresses create an optimal environment for the side sleeper. While providing the right amount of comfort for your pressure points, a firm or plush mattress will give you the freedom to easily move from side to side versus the more deep-seated pillow-top or euro-top mattresses, which can leave you more seated within the plushness.

What is the best mattress for the back/stomach sleeper?

In these situations, your comfort style rules. Don't be misguided by popular myths about mattresses, such as people with bad backs need the hardest mattress. The truth is, people with a bad back need a supportive mattress - which is not the same as Hard or firm. If you are a back/stomach sleeper and do not toss and turn much, then any of the mattress types are open to you – Pillow-top mattresses, Euro-Top Mattresses, Plush Mattresses and Firm Mattresses. If you do toss and turn as a back sleeper or side sleeper, then you should focus more on the plush or firm mattresses.

What is the best mattress if I have a bad back?

You should always consult your physician for what is the best mattress for you, but in general terms, you need a supportive mattress that relieves all your pressure points while also providing the type of support you require. The biggest mattress decision for your bad back may include choosing an adjustable base. A wide variety of mattresses are adjustable base friendly, including memory foam mattresses and individually wrapped coil mattresses. An adjustable bed can raise your upper body to help alleviate lower back pain, it can raise your lower body to help alleviate leg and foot pains and by raising both head and foot you can reach a “zero gravity” position which can increase overall circulation by addressing all your pressure points at once. Plus, double sided mattresses are available in all comfort levels – pillow top mattress, euro top mattress, plush mattress and firm mattress.

What is the best mattress for longevity?

A quality mattress today will have a non-prorated warranty for up to 10 years, but what if you want more peace of mind. Then consider the double-sided mattress. These are the traditional link spring mattresses built with quilt covering and padding type on both sides making it possible to not only rotate the mattress on a regular basis, but the ability to flip it also. Especially during the break-in period of the mattress, a regular rotation and flipping of the mattress can greatly extend the lifespan of your mattress.

How can I protect my mattress?

Longevity of a mattress, and safe-guarding your mattress warranty, requires protecting your mattress cover and padding type from stains, sweat, body oils, etc. A mattress protector will do just that – protecting your mattress from all the above and still allowing your mattress to breath. The best mattress protectors will encase your mattress completely, protecting also against bed bugs, lice, etc.

What recliner is right for me?

Today, we have more choices in our furniture than ever before, including fabrics, colors, styles and even technology. Recliners are the perfect example of this.

Power Reclining or Manual Recliner?

Power Reclining Recliners have a built-in motor which can be stopped anywhere along the reclining path giving you almost infinite choices in position. Plus, once reclined, you can easily move within your seat and the mechanism won’t try to close on you, the motor keeps it in the reclined position without effort. Also, power reclining recliners are perfect for those who struggle closing manual recliners all the way. No more standing up to fight and close it completely – the motor does all the movement. While power models are not expensive, manual recliners do offer a more budget friendly recliner. If you don’t like the power, but still want some assistance in reclining and closing, try the manual recliner models with the arm handle. This gives you leverage to help in the process. Another model includes a “car door” handle which releases the reclining mechanism. This is great for recliners in tight situations because the handle is closer to the arm and easily accessible versus the bar type handle which is at the bottom of the recliner.

Rocker Recliner or Space Saver / Wall Hugger Recliner?

This question depends strictly on what you need. Rocker Recliners do just that – they rock and therefore need more space off the wall to operate correctly. Maybe you want to swivel? Some rocker recliners add the swivel mechanism giving a swivel rocker recliner. However, if you are unsteady when rising from a seated position, the space saver recliners and wall hugger recliners can give you the stability you need when pushing yourself up. If overall space is an issue, the space saver recliner or wall hugger recliner is a better choice. These units open into the room and usually require only 3 inches off the wall to operate properly.

Leather or Fabric?

There are advantages to both – leather is the ultimate in cleanability, fabric offers a balance of value and durability. For kids, pets and messy husbands premium top grain leather is preferred. It wipes clean easily with little or no soap and can withstand a high level of abuse. Small scratches from Fido’s claws can easily blend right back in and add character to the leather. Fabric choices, like microfiber and chenille, have a reputation for easy clean up and are better suited towards the cat owner (their claws tend to release from the fabric). Fabric can be the more budget friendly option.

Do I need an adjustable headrest?

Typically, a recliners headrest can be overstuffed making it uncomfortable while sitting up but great when fully reclined OR it can be the other way around and not supportive enough when reclined and you must throw your hand behind your head or grab a pillow. Introduce the adjustable headrest – now whether fully reclined, sitting all the way up or anywhere in between, you find a perfect position to watch TV, read or even nap. Do you have neck problems? Always find the perfect position to help alleviate pain and discomfort with an Adjustable Headrest Recliner.

Do I need a lift chair?

This answer can only be answered by your doctor, but if you struggle to completely rise from a seated position OR if you struggle safely to a seated position then a power lift reclining chair can help you. Plus, they do not require a prescription from your doctor to purchase. They offer all the benefits of a power reclining recliner plus the ability to lift you up to a higher point for ease of standing or sitting. A quick trip to the showroom for a test drive can help answer all your questions about whether a lift chair is right for you.